Morning Breaks to Silence





Well I know now the feel of dirt under the nails,
I know now the rhythm of furrowed ground under foot,
I have learned the sounds to listen for in the dusk,
the dawning and the noon.

I have held cornfields in the palm of my hand,
I have let the swaying wheat and rye run through my fingers,
I have learned when to be glad for sunlight and for sudden
thaw and for rain.

I know now what weariness is when the mind stops
and night is a dark blanket of peace and forgetting
and the morning breaks to the same ritual and the same
demands and the silence.
~Jane Clement from No One Can Stem the Tide







2 thoughts on “Morning Breaks to Silence

  1. Perfect alignment of pics and poem. What a God-given gift you have, Emily, and how fortunate your readers are to share in that gift.

    In checking out the tags you listed, it suddenly and graphically occurred to me that we almost never see expressed in print or felt in our bones the terms, ‘contentment,’ ‘Christian contentment,’ ‘peace,’ serenity,’ and ‘stewardship.’ What a terrible loss for us. How poor we have become. And being the little blotters that they are, our children are growing up without these so necessary attributes.


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