Smelling the Sweetness



A scent of ripeness from over a wall.
And come to leave the routine road
And look for what had made me stall,
There sure enough was an apple tree
That had eased itself of its summer load,
And of all but its trivial foliage free,
Now breathed as light as a lady’s fan.
For there had been an apple fall
As complete as the apple had given man.
The ground was one circle of solid red.

May something go always unharvested!
May much stay out of our stated plan,
Apples or something forgotten and left,
So smelling their sweetness would be no theft.
~Robert Frost “Unharvested”



One thought on “Smelling the Sweetness

  1. Deep and lovely. Some things that remain hidden, unopened, unseen to the naked eye or discerned by our souls can be like precious jewels, gifts waiting to be opened when the time is ripe, when we are ready to receive and to appreciate them. I do think sometimes that the Lord is playful with us. He teases us by withholding the best for later until we are better able to appreciate His gift(s) when He, who knows our souls so well, is ready to give them to us.


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