This Morning’s Minion


I caught this morning morning’s minion…

My heart in hiding
Stirred for a bird, –the achieve of; the mastery of the thing!
~Gerard Manley Hopkins from “The Windhover”



2 thoughts on “This Morning’s Minion

  1. My mother was a fashion illustrator, and a painter, who taught me the importance of odd numbers in setting up a composition. One or three figures, not two or four. Five trees in a landscape, rather than six, and so on. She was right, though I’ve never fully understood the science behind it all, if in fact it is a matter of science. When we seek balance in life, we usually look for equal numbers, and yet odd numbers are generally more pleasing to the eye, like the swans in your beautiful photographs. And so this morning I thought of someone special, and my heart in hiding stirred.


  2. Interesting about the use and placement of numbers. Heard it a long time ago and forgot it. Makes me think, too, of the science of numerology as used in the ancient Middle East – particularly in the Hebrew Scriptures. ( “Heart in hiding” is a loving descriptive phrase.)


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