Permission to Breathe


We are waiting for snow
the way we might wait
for permission
to breathe again.

For only the snow
will release us, only the snow
will be a letting go, a blind falling
towards the body of earth
and towards each other.
~Linda Pastan from “Interlude”


People around my parts are pretty disappointed with this winter so far — average temperatures are in the low 50’s, there hasn’t been a single flake of snow in the lowlands, and even the unending rain extended up into the nearly bare mountain ski areas.  It was a relief to wake yesterday and see that the two inches of rain we endured over the previous twenty four hours had fallen as snow up on the mountain.   We were given permission to breathe again, with hope there will be enough snow melt to fill the rivers and streams in a few warming months.

It is still not too late this season for a good snow on the farm here, a ritual of letting go of routine and celebration of a clean start.

We can only hope.



One thought on “Permission to Breathe

  1. We in upstate New York will be happy to send you a few feet of snow. We have been inundated — and have had temps 20+ below 0 for consecutive days. The only saving factor is that the melted snow will fill our reservoirs . Unfortunately we won’t appreciate that boon until Spring and Summer when we won’t feel guilty about watering our lawns and gardens.


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