Prepare for Joy: Impossible Bloom


… it seemed as if the tiniest seed of belief had finally flowered in me, or, more accurately, as if I had happened upon some rare flower deep in the desert and had known, though I was just then discovering it, that it had been blooming impossibly year after parched year in me, surviving all the seasons of my unbelief.
~Christian Wiman from My Bright Abyss


To blossom, despite dryness and drought when feeling merely and sincerely dead — this is Christ’s call to us.  We are not dead but alive in Him, an amazing impossible flowering.


2 thoughts on “Prepare for Joy: Impossible Bloom

  1. Both Wiman’s and Emily’s comments hit home for me in a most powerful (and sad) way. It is sooooo
    comforting to know that others have experienced the same things as you but they have the courage and the compassion to share their thoughts to lift up others’ spirits, because that IS the effect of such naked sharing.
    Thank you.


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