Prepare for Joy: Two Moments




There are two moments that matter. One is when you know that your one and only life is absolutely valuable and alive. The other is when you know your life, as presently lived, is entirely pointless and empty. You need both of them to keep you going in the right direction. Lent is about both. The first such moment gives you energy and joy by connecting you with your ultimate Source and Ground. The second gives you limits and boundaries, and a proper humility, so you keep seeking the Source and Ground and not just your small self.”

~Richard Rohr from Wondrous Encounters

So much of Lent is about facing our limitations, our finite capacity and our original grounding in dust.  We find ourselves wanting to shake off our dusty beginnings to reach for the infinite and transcendent since we are neither until He grabs hold and pulls us up.

We seek to do what we are created to do — be watchful, be receptive, be prayerful, be more than dust.   We do what we can: be ready for the offered Hand.





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