Prepare for Joy: Wounds Undressed


Out into the sun,
After the frightful operation.
She lies back, wounds undressed to the sun,
To be healed,
Sheltered from the sneapy chill creeping North wind,
Leans back, eyes closed, exhausted, smiling
Into the sun. Perhaps dozing a little.
While we sit, and smile, and wait, and know
She is not going to die.
~Ted Hughes from “March Morning Unlike Others

Winter, that dying to self, is last summer’s fruit lying rotted when once it was sweet and firm. There seems no hope, no chance of life renewed, only gaping wounds covered and festering.

Mysterious and unexpected, the sun breaks through the clouds, the breezes hint of warmth and blossom scent, the birds dare to sing, the stone rolls back a crack, allowing the light to flood in where darkness once reigned.

We wait and know our wounds will be opened, cleaned and healed; there is no death this day, only beginnings, no more death forever, only life everlasting.

4 thoughts on “Prepare for Joy: Wounds Undressed

  1. Years ago, in what now seems another lifetime, I took care of my father as an in-home hospice patient. After one of many hospital to sub-acute to home rotations, his care was further complicated by a large, deep bed sore at the base of his spine. He lived another six months or so, and I was amazed by the fact that, with rigorous care, the bed sore kept closing even as he lay dying, and was almost completely healed on the day he passed away. I had little LTC experience and I would have thought this impossible if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. I called it “paradoxical healing.” But the more I think about it now, I believe it is not a paradox, and proves the “death be not proud” metaphor is much more than just a metaphor. And the whole idea reminds me of the Beatles’ refrain, “Life goes on within you and without you.” Death may have its dominion, but Life is equally powerful, actually more so.


  2. How fortunate that you witnessed one of the ‘miracles’ of life and death that few see or even realize co-exist unseen by our human eyes. As a result, we tend to view both – life and death – as separate, unrelated realities when, in fact, as you learned and describe so beautifully, both are present as part of the Lord’s Master Plan — the promise of our new life to come.


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