Prepare for Joy: Regard for the Truth


…one can never wrestle enough with God
if one does so out of pure regard for the truth.
Christ likes us to prefer truth to him because,
before being Christ, he is truth.
If one turns aside from him
to go toward the truth,
one will not go far
before falling into his arms.

~Simone Weil

Shall I wrestle with an angel to hold on to the ephemeral and grasp the truth? Shall the angel leave His mark upon me, will I bear it in humility?   Shall I seek the truth knowing the comfort of being wrapped in His arms forever?

2 thoughts on “Prepare for Joy: Regard for the Truth

  1. Yes! We do need to seek TRUTH – all of it – at all costs. The price to be paid for not doing so is unimaginable and death forever to our souls…The imagery of forever being held safely in His loving, forgiving arms is one that we must keep before us always – particularly in times of temptation and discouragement….


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