The Wait’s Begun Again


…I only know that a rook
Ordering its black feathers can so shine
As to seize my senses, haul
My eyelids up, and grant

A brief respite from fear
Of total neutrality. With luck,
Trekking stubborn through this season
Of fatigue, I shall
Patch together a content

Of sorts. Miracles occur,
If you care to call those spasmodic
Tricks of radiance miracles. The wait’s begun again,
The long wait for the angel.
For that rare, random descent.
~Sylvia Plath from “Black Rook in Rainy Weather”


But it is no trick of radiance nor random.
It was planned and real, this descent,
and yes,
He seizes us and does not let go.
No reason to fear neutrality
as He makes it impossible to be neutral.
We wait, a long wait
and tire of waiting,
but there is content in the wait.
A wide awake, eyelids-now-opened



2 thoughts on “The Wait’s Begun Again

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes.

    He made it so clear that we cannot be neutral. He, Himself, was the antithesis of that. Proof of that: He DOES seize us and will NOT let us go. He cannot nor never could do that. He paid too high a price for that, and even if he had not been crucified, His love and his goodness would have been enough to hold us to Him. But He had to go that extra mile — walk that excruciating path to that waiting tree on the hill of Calvary to make sure that we could understand why he had to suffer.

    If we call ourselves His followers (Christians), we have to get off the fence and stop trying to please everyone in the name of ‘political correctness’ and other vague, inane cop-outs and get on with the mission to which he has called us.


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