An Astonished Awakening




Wind in the chimes pulls music
from the air, the sky’s cleared
of its vast complications.

In the pause before summer,
the wild sprouting of absolutely
everything: hair, nails, the mango’s
pale rose pennants, tongues of birds
singing daylong.

Words, even, and sudden embraces,
surprising dreams and things I’d never
imagined, in all these years of living,
one more astonished awakening.
~Rosalind Brackenbury from “Morning in May”


Each May morning is a discovery of yet another blossom,
throwing its hues into my dazzled eyes~
and so I drink deeply of this,
astonished at the overflow of riches,
peering into a never-empty basket
of visual feasting.







5 thoughts on “An Astonished Awakening

  1. You live in your own private Garden of Eden – constantly surrounded by the striking, eclectic beauty of each changing season. The most important thing is that you do not take the Gardner’s gifts for granted – you really see and savor their presence and pass that visual beauty on to others..

    I have heard of Columbine but have never seen it. Exquisite.


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