Broken on the Wheels of Living


Without your wound where would your power be?
It is your very remorse that makes your low voice tremble into the hearts of men.
The very angels themselves cannot persuade the wretched and blundering children on earth
as can one human being broken on the wheels of living.

In love’s service, only the wounded soldiers can serve.
~Thornton Wilder from “The Angel That Troubled the Waters


We wound and are wounded in ways seen and unseen,
not always regretful at the hurts we cause,
ever sorrowful for the hurts we bear,
living broken, churning through our days.

The wheel keeps turning, stirring up troubled waters.
Evening to morning, morning to darkness,
a healing angel
extends a hand
and invites us to get our feet wet.





2 thoughts on “Broken on the Wheels of Living

  1. Beautiful interpretation — and then some, Emily. Thank you.

    So many people who suffer devastating, lasting hurts, the kind that lie deeply buried in their subconscious, remaining there like a festering wound, are told that modern psychiatry with its various theories, techniques, and powerful drugs have answers and solutions. Sometimes. Perhaps. Some practitioners earnestly try to no avail. Some are outright charlatans who just take their fees and keep their patients returning for years, still tortured by their burdens. Some are very capable but are successful in just ‘taking the edge off,’ as someone once remarked to me. Some people become over medicated to the point of losing the person, the individual, that they once were. They spend the rest of their days in a state of false reality, disoriented like zombies.

    My faith, tested in the fires of living and coping – and surviving to tell others who will listen – knows otherwise: the ultimate Healer is the One whose Spirit resides in each of us– The only One who truly knows our suffering, our attempts at self healing through science-created medications and other addictions and distractions — anything that blunts our emotional pain or makes it disappear.

    The Healer to whom I refer and whom I trust with my entire being is the One we need to consult. He has no stipulated office hours; He is always available. No appointment necessary. No fees are charged. No clocks to ensure that we don’t go over our allotted time with Him. He already knows why we are there to seek His help because He has known us since we evolved from the womb.

    The only thing He seeks from us is our trust, our willingness to ‘let go’ and fall into His arms in complete surrender, letting Him take charge, acknowledging our love and our need for Him. That is the beginning of our relationship with Him.
    He will then fill us with the most indescribable, all-encompassing peace that only He can give. From that point on, we will never, ever be the same person.


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