Withholding Nothing




If humans could be
that intensely whole, undistracted, unhurried,
swift from sheer
unswerving impetus!  If we could blossom
out of ourselves, giving
nothing imperfect, withholding nothing!
~Denise Levertov from “The Metier of Blossoming”


There is nothing worth living for, unless it is worth dying for.
~Elisabeth Elliott (born 1926, died yesterday 6/15/15)
a woman who lived with unswerving impetus in Christ,
withholding nothing of herself,
and encouraging the rest of us to blossom out of ourselves.






4 thoughts on “Withholding Nothing

  1. I like your comment, Emily.
    Elisabeth Elliot was a remarkable woman. Some time ago I came across one of her comments, copied it, and placed in my bible’s Book of Wisdom:

    ‘Give to get; lose to find; and die to live.’


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