The Colors of Truth

…I forced to mind my vision of a sky   
close and enclosed, unlike the space in which these clouds move—
a sky of gray mist it appeared—
and how looking intently at it we saw
its gray was not gray but a milky white
in which radiant traces of opal greens,
fiery blues, gleamed, faded, gleamed again,
and how only then, seeing the color in the gray,   
a field sprang into sight, extending
between where we stood and the horizon,
a field of freshest deep spiring grass   
starred with dandelions,
green and gold
gold and green alternating in closewoven   
chords, madrigal field.
Is death’s chill that visited our bed   
other than what it seemed, is it   
a gray to be watched keenly?
Wiping my glasses and leaning westward,   
clearing my mind of the day’s mist and leaning   
into myself to see
the colors of truth
I watch the clouds as I see them   
in pomp advancing, pursuing   
the fallen sun.
 ~Denise Levertov from “Clouds”

Tears fell from heaven last night
after a long dry spell;
not nearly enough tears have watered this parched ground
and surely more will come.
No matter what our color,
we are closewoven in our love for unity
and our hatred for hatred.
No matter how broken, how shattered,
we bind each other together
to be a tapestry
woven in colors of truth.


3 thoughts on “The Colors of Truth

  1. Each time that I learn about such unexplainable acts of unbridled hatred against one of our own — a brother or sister in our human family — and I pass by or meet someone who has the same color or ethnicity as the most recent innocent victims in Charleston, our eyes meet, just for a brief moment. But in that moment, I see such pain, as if they were saying to me, “Why, why?” Our eyes, speaking from our souls, seem to be asking the same question of each other. The fact that we are able to look into each other’s eyes and ask that silent question tells me much. That brief but silent intimate exchange tells me that there is still a chance for hope for all of us.

    The ‘why’ I cannot answer. One thing I do know unequivocally: evil is running rampant in our world. Its presence has many names, including Satan, Legion, Prince of Darkness,Anti-Christ. The seeds sown by this entity are hatred and denial of God, racism, genocide, greed, destruction of family life, and human suffering of any and all imaginable kind. But, as faith-filled people we are not powerless. We know to whom we must turn to give us the courage and the moral strength to fight this powerful force. In the end, this force will not be victorious but we must fight against it or we will be consumed by it and nothing else that we have gained in this earthly sojourn will have any meaning.


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