Each Other’s Harvest



That time
we all heard it,
cool and clear,
cutting across the hot grit of the day.
The major Voice.

Warning, in music-words
devout and large,
that we are each other’s
we are each other’s
we are each other’s
magnitude and bond.
~Gwendolyn Brooks  from “Paul Robeson”


We all can hear it now~
the Voices of the Forgiven
forgiving the unforgivable.
They are louder than any gunshot;
penetrate deeper than any bullet.

They are harvesting hearts
with their faith, their obedience,
their tears, their words.

This is how the gospel resounds
through the crushed and broken-hearted.
This is how Christ forgave His enemies
in the midst of His suffering at their hands.
This is His amazing grace in action
with families reaching out in love
to the one who has taken so much from them.



4 thoughts on “Each Other’s Harvest

  1. Thinking of those in Charleston who have experienced so much pain….and shown so much grace. Lord, only in Your hand can something evil from this world be turned into something good.


  2. Oh, dear Emily of the knowing, loving heart–
    You have captured the essence of the testament of the forgiving wounded souls in Charleston.
    Now: we must ask ourselves — each one of us — are we capable of doing the same?
    If our honest answer is ‘no,’ or ‘I’m not sure, it depends…,’ then we need to go deep inside our souls
    and realign our thinking and our actions if we continue to call ourselves ‘Christians,’ – or even just
    ‘human beings.’


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