The Philosophic Flower







There are philosophies as varied as the flowers of the field,
and some of them weeds and a few of them poisonous weeds.
But they none of them create the psychological conditions
in which I first saw,
or desired to see,
the flower.



The news is filled with poisonous weeds,
disguised as something palatable,
but one taste, one look
and I am toast.

I seek a beauty that is more than petal thin,
weed or not,
where roots reach deep
and colors so vibrant
it renews my heart
and fills my retinas full.










6 thoughts on “The Philosophic Flower

  1. Never tire of gazing upon the intricate, varied beauty of Dahlias.

    What you have noted in your comment, Emily, is true in every respect. Our senses are constantly being assaulted by poisonous weeds cleverly disguised as something good — anathema that causes our souls to recoil in horror, to be temporarily blinded and tempted by confusion and doubt,

    However, we have within us the antidote to that poison that is so prevalent in our society today. As you so knowingly remind us: seek the beauty where [our] roots reach deep…renew our heart.
    We know by Faith that this beauty and this renewal can come only through the gift of Grace poured out upon us by the Holy Spirit who dwells within. This then becomes for us the reverse side of the mirror that we are subjected to as we struggle to wade through the ubiquitous presence of the weeds and other destructive forces that try to deter us in our resolve to keep our eyes on the joy and goodness that is the promise of our Faith.


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