Fingerprints of the Creator






C.S. Lewis said, “Most of us miss our cues repeatedly.” 
Or, as Sherlock Holmes commented to Watson:
“You see, but you do not observe.” 
Artist Thomas La Duke noted: 
“Some things are so common that they disappear. 
They’re all around us, but they vanish.” 
Missing our cues, we fail to notice the fingerprints of the Creator
in the ordinary textures and phenomena of living
because we are distracted by daily urgencies,
by things we consider more important,
which in the end may prove to be both trivial and transient.
Mary Oliver wrote:  
“If you notice anything
it leads you to notice
and more.”
~Luci Shaw from Breath for the Bones


How is it I see more at 61 than I ever did at 20, 30, 40, or even 50?
It is like being ten again when everything was a discovery; everything is worth notice.







7 thoughts on “Fingerprints of the Creator

  1. Thank you, Emily, for the reminder….

    My personal answer to your rhetorical question is:
    When one reaches the age of 60+ (82 y.o. in my case), we are forced to confront the stark
    reality that the time we have left on our earthly journey is finite, not unlimited as we were wont
    to assume when we were younger. Now, we had better slow down and take time to nourish
    our senses with and appreciate all that our Creator has gifted us.

    We don’t need actuarial tables or Smart Phone gadgets to face this immutable fact of life.
    All we have to do is to look around at all the empty chairs when we gather together as family
    and friends….


  2. Emily,
    Your post makes me grateful for God’s gifts of observation, reflection, awe, and wisdom that can be especially present as we age.


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