Seized of Quiet




Leaves wait as the reversal of wind
comes to a stop. The stopped woods
are seized of quiet; waiting for rain
bird & bug conversations stutter to a

…the rain begins to fall. Rain-strands,
thin slips of vertical rivers, roll
the shredded waters out of the cloud
and dump them puddling to the ground.
Like sticks half-drowned the trees
lean so my eyes snap some into
lightning shapes, bent & bent.

Whatever crosses over
through the wall of rain
changes; old leaves are
now gold. The wall is
continuous, doorless. True,
to get past this wall
there’s no need for a door
since it closes around me
as I go through.
~Marie Ponsot from “End of October”

There’s no turning around now
that the clock has fallen back.
We commit our stumbling feet to the path
that trudges toward winter,
silenced and seized
by a relentless momentum of doorless darkness.
There is no escape hatch:
we choose to live in gladness,
knowing that promises of a lighter day
are always kept.





2 thoughts on “Seized of Quiet

  1. At one time I considered the days immediately following the end of the daylight saving changeover my ‘time of madness.’
    Driving to work in the near dark and returning
    in the complete darkness for the first 2-3 months after the transition was very depressing.
    Now that I am retired for 19 years it doesn’t matter that much except that I can’t drive after the earlier darkness because of the poor night vision that comes with aging.
    Just the fact that I am still functioning reasonably well is gift enough. The shortened daylight is merely a temporary
    And then there is March 13 when DST begins again and on March 20, Spring will be officially here, and the cycle continues.


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