Best Behavior


Find a quiet rain.  Then a green spruce tree.  You will notice that nearly every needle has been decorated with a tiny raindrop ornament.  Look closely inside the drop and there you are. In color. Upside down. Raindrops have been collecting snapshots since objects and people were placed, to their surprise, here and there on earth.

…even if we are only on display for a moment in a water drop as it clings to a pine needle, it is expected that we be on our best behavior, hair combed, jacket buttoned, no vulgar language.  Smiling is not necessary, but a pleasant attitude is helpful, and would be, I think, appreciated.
~Tom Hennen from “Outdoor Photos”


Some days I choose to trudge along dry and cranky — each step an effort, each thought a burden, each moment an opportunity to grump.  It is good to be reminded I am preserved, as is, for an instant, in the camera eye of the raindrops I pass, each snapping a photo of my attitude.

It wouldn’t hurt me to smile, even if the events of the day may not call for it.  At least those smiles, reflected in the lens of each raindrop, will soak the soil when let go to fall earthward. There is no better place for them to bloom and grow, ready for a new day.






12 thoughts on “Best Behavior

  1. This post made me smile, and left me appreciating the lovely new thought of our smiles in the lenses of the raindrops soaking the earth, to bloom again! I’m STILL smiling–thank you, Emily, for giving me something brand-new and joyful to think about!!


  2. You are very generous to say so, Margaret! Unfortunately color pictures in books make them completely unaffordable and publishers tell me I must guarantee a sale of 3000 copies! I know I don’t know that many people like you!

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  3. So can identify with your comments .
    Keep up all your writing … So true , soulful , spiritual , & a blessing to me & many others I’m sure . It is written His Word never comes back void . Your words often reflect , for me , me His Word . Thank you 🙂
    Mary E.


  4. yes, michele and emily. we are always beautiful to Him, even when we are upside down and inside out….He treasures us!!

    everything about this wonderful blog you write speaks to my heart again and again. so THANKFUL for you and your shared gifts, emily. keep ’em comin’!


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