Whatever the Sky Brings



When it snows, he stands
at the back door or wanders
around the house to each
window in turn and
watches the weather
like a lover. O farm boy,
I waited years
for you to look at me
that way. Now we’re old
enough to stop waiting
for random looks or touches
or words, so I find myself
watching you watching
the weather, and we wait
together to discover
whatever the sky might bring.
~Patricia Traxler “Weather Man”
My farm boy still looks at me that way,
wondering if today will bring
a frost,
or a scorcher,
or a deluge,
and I reassure him as best I can,
because he knows me so well
in our many years together:
today, like every other day,
will be partly cloudy
with occasional sun breaks.

4 thoughts on “Whatever the Sky Brings

  1. I’m also married to a farm boy. Mine posts (on the calendar) how much rain we have in the rain gauge each day when there is rain. Sometimes it’s just .2, but it all adds up when his brother comes over (or calls) to compare with what he got just down the road. He feels the outside temperature and determines what farm work can be done that day.
    I love your post and photo’s today. Thanks so much Emily! Hugs.


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