Between Midnight and Dawn: A Hidden Wholeness





My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit;
    a broken and contrite heart…
Psalm 51:17a



there is in all things …. a hidden wholeness.
~Thomas Merton


I touch solitude on the shoulder
and surrender to a great tranquility.
I understand I need courage
and sometimes, mysteriously,
I feel whole.
~Luis Omar Salinas from “Sometimes Mysteriously




When we are at our most tender and vulnerable,
hurting, alone and barely able to breathe–
that is when we gift ourselves to God,
and He welcomes us with open arms,
knowing the sacrifice we make.

He was once just like us, alone and hurting.

No longer burnt offerings, nor money,
but He asks for a sacrifice of us,
broken and yielding,
ready for healing,
begging for wholeness.

He becomes our glue to shore up our shattered pieces.






During this Lenten season, I will be drawing inspiration from the new devotional collection edited by Sarah Arthur —Between Midnight and Dawn

2 thoughts on “Between Midnight and Dawn: A Hidden Wholeness

  1. Getting to the brokenness stage – is that not the most difficult part? We become at war within ourselves – pride, ego, independence – all those negatives that hold us back and from which we hide behind….the admission is the first step – then the yielding battle begins and we stand there, immobilized, looking at that giant chasm over which we must leap.
    Behold: we feel His Grace, just a short leap beyond and over. We see His arms outstretched, promising love and healing and peace we never knew existed. Sweet Jesus, how can we say ‘no’ to You who did not say ‘no’ to your father?


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