A Surprise No Longer




About living in the country?
…peace can deafen one, beauty surprise
No longer.  There is only the thud
Of the slow foot up the long lane
At morning and back at night.
~R.S. Thomas “The Country”



I must not forget my
at the beauty around me
even on the grayest of days,
trudging the barnyard path
on dark nights to exhausted chores.
If ever I fail to see
what is right in front of me,
this grace-given gift
to my eyes and ears,
I do not deserve to put on boots
or hold a pitchfork.



3 thoughts on “A Surprise No Longer

  1. Such beauty in you, the words and the pictures you share with the world. God’s joy and peace to you from a great admirer.


  2. Oh yes Emily! We are so blessed to live in the country with such vivid reminders all around us od God’s design and predictably. I would really have an adjustment in a city with all the artifical lights and sounds. The sounds of a cricket, the buzzing of bees…. the smell of horse sweat… sweet hay as I break open a new bale…..
    Great post. Hugs


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