Teardrops in Our Eyes




Some things are very dear to me–
Such things as flowers bathed by rain
Or patterns traced upon the sea
Or crocuses where snow has lain . . .
The iridescence of a gem,
The moon’s cool opalescent light,
Azaleas and the scent of them,
And honeysuckles in the night.
And many sounds are also dear–
Like winds that sing among the trees
Or crickets calling from the weir
Or Negroes humming melodies.
But dearer far than all surmise

Are sudden tear-drops in your eyes
~Gwendolyn Bennett — Sonnet 2

We human beings do real harm.
History could make a stone weep.
~Marilynne Robinson–Gilead



Created with the freedom to choose our own way, we tend to opt for the path of least resistance with the highest pay back. Hey, after all, we’re human and that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it.

No road less traveled for most of us–instead we blindly head down the superhighway of what’s best for number one, no matter what the means of transportation, what it costs to get there, how seedy the billboards or how many warning signs appear, or where the ultimate destination takes us.

History is full of the piled-high wrecking yards of demolition remnants from crashes along the way.

It’s enough to make a stone weep and so we weep aplenty.
Certainly God wept and probably still does as we are very dear to Him.

He knew what He was doing and thought it good at the time.  Perhaps it still might be.



3 thoughts on “Teardrops in Our Eyes

  1. Very truly written today and your pictures continue to be a stunning view of nature and grace. Thank you is just not enough, but honestly felt.


  2. Amen to your comment, Emily.

    The obscene, perverse circus depicting our nation’s 2016 election plays out incessantly through our puppet-controlled media. At the same time, the increasing genocide and carnage present in more and more countries, and the deliberate alienation from God and His saving Grace, have brought me to a constant state of despair and hopelessness.

    Even though my faith assures me that God keeps His promises and will always be with us ‘until the end of the age,’ I believe that He will have the last righteous word. I just cannot understand why He is delaying so long? Because He is a compassionate, just God, I believe that He may leave a remnant this time as He has done in the past. My constant prayer to Him, echoing the prophets past and present is:

    “…you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.’ (Psalm 86: 15)


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