Each Day a Haiku



There are some people who write haiku poetry to make a living.
You know what I think?
We should make our living become haiku poetry.
You might toil in a clattering factory
or on a tossing fishing boat
or be battling to make a living in a dingy shop.
There are people who have written inspiring haiku poems in such unpoetic situations.
And we, if we really want to,
can make any occupation,
and twenty-four hours of each day,
into a poem.
Of course, first we have to create a heart
that is both serious and light!
We have to gaze below the surface of things,
search out the hidden beauty that is everywhere
and discover the glorious things all around us.
Then each day becomes a haiku poem.

~Dr. Takashi Nagai, survivor of the Nagasaki atomic bomb



closed my eyelids to
finality of sunlight’s
reach, and glowed within



4 thoughts on “Each Day a Haiku

  1. …”gaze beneath the surface of things, discover the glorious things around us….’

    Consoling. That sage advice will give us the strength and the foresight to endure the madness that is sickening our world today – and to look within our souls to discover and to believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, the author and sustainer of our hope — The One who continues to reassure us through our faith in Jesus’ Word and His Promises that He IS now and will be forever with us through the suffering that we temporarily endure on our Journey.

    Thank you, Emily.


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