Sun and Wind Muscle



There is a muscular energy in sunlight corresponding to the spiritual energy of wind.
~Annie Dillard



I tend to think of the wind, not the sun, having all the weather muscle, especially in the midst of a brisk northeaster blow in the dead of winter, far outperforming the meager and anemic sunlight.  Memories of northeast blizzard muscle are still fresh in my mind, even in the first half of August.

But earlier this week, on a warm summer day,  it was both sun and wind competing with their mustered energy.  With all the house windows kept wide open to keep things cool there were frequent door-slamming, blinds-beating, leaf-loosening, windchime-clattering, hay-drying gusts.  Muscle was all around and through us.

There was enough sun to create a shadow tree blending like a holograph projected onto the woods.  There was enough wind to shake the grasses and thistles and scatter their seed.  There was enough sun to dip the evening with orange smoothie and enough wind to clear the haze from the air.

For now there is plenty of energy to spare: spirit-filled muscle to pick me up, bend me over, warm my heart, all bottled and ready to release on that inevitable wintry day that will come,  sooner than I want.

shadow of the lone fir cast upon the woods at sunset


6 thoughts on “Sun and Wind Muscle

  1. Pics animate all you are saying.
    Your words are lilting. I feel as if I were experiencing those scenes through you.
    Thank you, Emily for a magical trip as I face another hot, humid day in the Northeast.


  2. A gust so strong/i smelled the lilacs from beyond/the fence/You lifted me up from my place/at the top of the prison yard steps/revealed Yourself to me/for an instant/We wore down the face of rock and/stirred up ocean waves. Together/made weather/ripening ’87 reds to the rarest of vintages/freezing continents indiscriminately./Returned,/my feet take the pavement steps to the yard. “Godwind” by Katherine A. Power in “Doing Time- Papers from Framingham Prison”


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