The world is mud-lucious and puddle-wonderful.
~e.e. cummings


…he sought the privacy of rain,
the one time no one was likely to be
out and he was left to the intimacy
of drops touching every leaf and tree in
the woods and the easy muttering of
drip and runoff…
~Robert Morgan from “Working in the Rain”



There is plenty of muttering, both private and public, since the rain started yesterday.  And not all of it is from dripping and runoff into puddles.  Anytime a holiday weekend is predicted to be rained out, plenty of people mutter too.

I’m celebrating as it has been weeks — no, months — since we have had a decent rain and everything, including me, has been far too tinder-dry.

Rain is what makes this part of the world special, but like Camelot,  most would prefer it never fall till after sundown.   To them we live not in a more congenial spot — than Camelot.

I may be an oddity, though somewhat typical of northwest-born natives.  I celebrate rain whenever it comes, whether before sundown or after sunrise, as I grew up working outside in the intimacy of a drenching shower.  Yet rain, this falling weather, gives me an excuse to stay indoors to putter around instead of mutter.

He could not resist the long
ritual, the companionship and freedom
of falling weather, or even the cold
drenching, the heavy soak and chill of clothes
and sobbing of fingers and sacrifice
of shoes that earned a baking by the fire
and washed fatigue after the wandering
and loneliness in the country of rain.
~Robert Morgan, conclusion of “Working in the Rain”




4 thoughts on “Puddle-wonderful

  1. A friend just shared your blog with me. She said we are of like minds. Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life! I love your photos and inspirationall quotes. Thanks for sharing your Journey.


  2. I love the rain! And yes, even when I read meters and would suit up for the day! The horrible fires California is experiencing, with the still on going Chimney Fire taking place in areas that I once read meters in. Always so aware of the fire dangers when working alone in such isolated territories. God has blessed me with so much. I appreciated being able to tell evacuated friends exactly how far the active fire was from their homes as many of the newer to our area folks had no idea how all these valleys and areas are connected.
    Rain would have been very welcome last week. At least the weather has cooled, some of the 3,100 firefighters have been able to move on, some heading home, and the community has pulled together to honor these tireless warriors as they saved many homes. Some of these firefighters came from Arizona, others from Alaska, Beverley Hills. I’ve never seen so many different firetruck together at one time.
    The fire burned over 46,000 acres, with only 1 injury, 50 house destroyed, 21 outbuildings, 80% contained, and predicting it to be out this saturday. Mind you, it started August 13, 2016. Yes, rain is good!
    Your post for today is really lovely. As are the photos. The rain dripping off the red berries.


  3. Laura,

    it is such a vulnerable time in the summer months for those of us out west, but particularly for you Californians, and nothing makes a difference until God sends us rain. May it pour this weekend here and there!

    blessings, Emily


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