Breadth and Depth





Autumn is the eternal corrective. 
It is ripeness and color and a time of maturity;
but it is also breadth, and depth, and distance. 
What man can stand with autumn on a hilltop
and fail to see the span of this world
and the meaning of the rolling hills that reach to the far horizon?
~Hal Borland



Summer, waning and wistful, has packed up and moved on without bidding adieu or looking back over its shoulder.  Cooling winds have carried in darkening clouds spewing long overdue rain. Though we need a good drenching there are still onions and potatoes to pull from the ground, apples to harvest, tomatoes not yet ripened, corn cobs just too skinny to pick.

I’m not ready to wave goodbye to sun-soaked clear skies and the lush richness of summer.

The overhead overcast is heavily burdened with clues of what is to come: earlier dusk, the feel of moisture-filled air, the deepening graying hues, the briskness of breezes.  There is no negotiation possible.   I steel myself and get ready, wrapping myself in the soft shawl of inevitability.

So autumn advances with the clouds, taking up residence where summer has left off.  Though there is still clean up of the overabundance left behind, autumn has brought its own unique plans for display of a delicious palette of hues. It is an eternal corrective for what ails us.

The truth is we’ve seen nothing yet.



11 thoughts on “Breadth and Depth

  1. These pics take my breath away (as do the ones yesterday). I cannot bear to have them disappear back into the void of cyberspace. I want to keep looking. So — I’m printing and making copies to put on the wall above my PC.

    When you say, “We’ve seen nothing yet,” it is a major understatement. I sincerely hope that our Creator-God will continue to surprise us with the
    beauty of changing seasons when we are finally ‘home.’

    It just occurred to me, Emily, in a deeper way, that He has given us the seasonal changes as a ‘message,’ a ‘preview’ of the full Kingdom beauty to come. OR …. is it a
    message meant for us to understand and appreciate the world in which we now exist — His beauty-filled space that we do not always take the time to see, to take into our being each day as part of our much-needed soul food?

    We take so much for granted as we race blindly through each day, week, year of our lives without ever stopping to look, to see, to acknowledge the messages that He is sending to us in Nature, and in the human lives being lived among us..


  2. You are the most gifted writer I have ever known. You are truly amazing. Everything you write, everyday, blows me away. Thank you for your brillance! Best, Heather Hejmanowski



  3. Yes to both of the previous comments. Where I live, we don’t have such distinct seasons. We have had a few days with the fall chill, yesterday looked like rain, sunny today with a high of 78° and to be back in the low 100’s this weekend. But yes, our vegetables are still putting on and full fall will be here soon enough.
    I do enjoy the beautiful photo’s you pick to go with your words. And the deep meaning that comes from within. Hugs, laura


  4. Your pictures are so stunningly beautiful. As you lament the passing of summer, know that others reading your posts such as myself here in South Texas are lamenting the fact that we don’t get to watch summer change into fall and then winter very much. We watch it happen through people like you who share it with us. My husband’s family is from Mount Vernon, he climbed Mount Baker when he was a teen and took me to see your part of the country when we were first married 40 years ago. It is so beautiful there. Thank you for all you share with us who have found Barnstorming/Briarcroft. I open your posts every morning to start my day. Perhaps it can help to know others are wishing they could experience your change of summer to fall, that we experience it through you while putting pumpkins on our porches and acorns & leaves on our tables, pine cones across our mantles, but keeping the air conditioner running all the way into November! I am so glad I found you. You are my same age and I resonate with you which is a rare find for me. Thank you so much and Happy Fall! Susan


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