There is Meaning



Of course, in life there are moments of darkness.
There are periods of discouragement.
There are times when we lose sight of the beauty of the sky for all the clouds.
You may have to bear severe sickness,
or deal with tremendous pain,
or you may be disappointed in this or that.
But remember, whatever difficulty you have to face,
it will not last.
It is only a cloud.
For God has made each of us with a purpose.

We are made for joy.
But this joy can never be fully experienced here on earth.
God’s joy is ultimately realized in eternity.
To be a Christian is to understand that the cross,
and the suffering of the cross, has meaning,
and that suffering is part of our state on this earth.
Don’t expect paradise on earth.
But there is meaning,
and this meaning is the love of God
and gratitude for life on this earth.
Whatever your state,
whatever your situation,
whatever your purpose,
always remember that you are made for joy.

~Alice Von Hildebrand


It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo.
The ones that really mattered.
Full of darkness and danger they were.
And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end…
because how could the end be happy?
How could the world go back to the way it was
when so much bad had happened?
But in the end, it’s only a passing thing… this shadow.
Even darkness must pass.”


When we feel overwhelmed and discouraged,
when it seems all is in shadow,
we know we are part of a great story and the plot progression is a mystery.

We are promised light and joy at the end, no question about it.
We pass through the shadows, the clouds clear
and the darkness will pass through us.


5 thoughts on “There is Meaning

  1. Five ‘telling’ pictures: three of the five are foreboding, discomfiting :
    A reminder of present times in our nation as the election ‘process’ continues in its amoral circus atmosphere, dividing our citizens in cruel, malicious ways perhaps?
    The Middle East – genocide and destruction of ancient nations?
    All humanity embroiled in a siege mentality, hopeless, plodding through the uncertainty of darkness?
    Helpless displaced, nation-less victims roaming the world seeking sanctuary and basic needs for their very existence?
    The increasing threat of a ‘final war’ — WW III – that will end all as we presently know it?

    Then we see the first light: a reminder, perhaps, that our ever-present God is with us through it all and that there WILL
    be an end to the darkness. He brought the Light of Incarnation to the world once. He will do so again, when His Kingdom
    is complete to His satisfaction.

    The final picture: blazing LIGHT. His promise to be with us continues — brighter this time, so that ALL may see and believe. For those who do see and believe, it is a message of Joy [and hope].
    For those who do not (or will not) see and believe, it is a message – and a warning, perhaps, that there is still time….

    Lord Jesus, Christ of the Universe, we pray that you keep your reassuring light ever before us so that we may overcome the darkness all about us as we await the totality of your greatest promise: eternity in your presence.



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