Each Day’s Chores


There is much about autumn farm chores that is good for the weary heart.

When the stresses of the work world amass together and threaten to overwhelm, there is reassurance in the routine of putting on muck boots, gloves, jacket, then hearing the back door bang behind me as I head outside. Following the path to the barns with my trusty corgi boys in the lead, I open wide the doors to hear the welcoming nickers of six different equine voices.

The routine:  loosening up the twine on the hay bales and opening each stall door to put a meal in front of each hungry horse, maneuvering the wheelbarrow to fork up accumulated manure, fill up the water bucket, pat a neck and go on to the next one. By the time I’m done, I am generally calmer, listening to the rhythmic chewing from six sets of molars. It is a welcome symphony of satisfaction for both the musicians and audience. My mind snaps a picture and records the song to pull out later when needed.

The horses are not in the least perturbed that I may have had a challenging day. Like the dogs and cats, they show appreciation that I have come to do what I promise to do–I care for them, I protect them and moreover, I will always return.

Outside the barn, the chill wind blows gently through the bare tree branches with a wintry bite to remind me who is not in control. I should drop the pretense. The stars, covered most nights by cloud cover, show themselves, glowing alongside the moon in a galactic sweep across the sky.  They exude the tranquility of an Ever-Presence over my bowed and humbled head. I am cared for and protected; He is always there and He will return.

There is balance of the ordinary and extraordinary within the profundity of farm chores,  and within the rhythm of autumn’s transition to winter.

Equilibrium is delivered to my heart, once and ever after, from a stable.

photo of colors in New Hampshire by Ben Gibson

5 thoughts on “Each Day’s Chores

  1. That’s beautiful ! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    You certainly have gift for seeing & expressing the extraordinary within the ordinariness of life !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I especially like the last line……. so significant for those of us whose hope is in the One born in a stable.


  3. Ahhh… how your poem and prose touched my heart. Breathing in the warm breath at his muzzle, straightening up his stall and paddock. The weight of the rake. Leaning into his thickening coat as he follows me around. It always makes my many stresses vanish, lets me exhale.


  4. Oh how I can relate. Sometimes I don’t want to the leader, the one the whole family turns to. Even the dogs remind me I’m the one they all turn to for leadership. So I go to the barn, lean on my haflinger Scharly…..feel like a 10 year old again. Then I can go back to my leadership role and know that God has blessed me with His glory and gives me the strength to do what He has placed in front of me. I thank Him for my furry friends that remind me being a leader still let’s me hear the quiet.
    Hugs abd blessings


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