The Farmer’s Duct Tape




My hands are torn
by baling twine, not nails, and my side is pierced
by my ulcer, not a lance.
~Hayden Carruth from “Emergency Haying”





Miles of baling twine encircle
tons of hay in our barn,
twice daily cut loose,
freed of grasses
and hung up to reuse again
in myriad ways:

~~tighten a sagging fence
latch a swinging gate
tie shut a gaping door
replace a broken handle
hang a water bucket
suspend a sagging overalls
fix a broken halter
entertain a bored barn cat
snug a horse blanket belt~~

It is the duct tape of the barn
whenever duct tape won’t work;
a fix-all handy in every farmer’s pocket
made beautiful
by a morning fog’s weeping.








3 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Duct Tape

  1. Just like our loving Creator’s constant infusions of Grace and Hope that get us through our tribulations, mistakes, human shortcomings that need constant re-shoring along our journey?


  2. Ah yes!! Orange binder twine–so familiar in its ubiquitous presence on our little acreage–used for all those things you mentioned, plus lots more creative uses by growing grandsons–one of the most useful “throw-away” items ever invented!!! (But a terrible nuisance if it gets overlooked and ends up twisted around mower blades!!)


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