Sending the Light




I want you to read this some day, 恵真
our new little Emma Sophia:
as you took your first breath in the dark of the night
so far away from this farm where your father grew up,
we bid farewell to the sun here
so God could bring it glowing to your first day in Japan,
that misty island where your mother grew up.

Your birth blesses so many all over this earth
and proves that war from two generations ago
exists only in history books now,
now love digs so deep in the genes
it overcomes what has come before.

You have sent the sun back today to us,
brand new grandparents,
to rise pink over this snowy morning,
and we will send it back to you tonight
to wake you for your second day
resting calm in the arms of your loving family.

Each day from now on
may we always return the Light you sent
and send it forth to shine on you.





18 thoughts on “Sending the Light

  1. Congratulations grandmother! What a beautiful gift she is. And thoughts of sending the LIght back and forth. Sounds like Emma was named after you. Blessings to all.


  2. Good morning Emily!

    Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! I am so happy for you and you will be outstanding in that role! I can’t imagine a more magical environment for your granddaughter to grow up visiting than a farm with ponies, cats, dogs, a treehouse and a swing with a garden gnome! And your “welcome to the world” poem should be lovingly placed in her memory book. It is beautiful. You have an endless supply of beautiful writing to share. You are gifted. Again, congratulations on this exciting milestone in life!

    All the best, Heather Hejmanowski San Diego

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Oh, I don’t know what I could possibly add to everything that has been said by others! This post was awesome–your joy–your son’s joy with his lovely wife and precious baby girl–and “sending the light”–the thought of that warmed my heart on this, another cold day in Idaho. Blessings and congratulation, Emily!!


  4. Your long wait (and that of Emma’s beaming parents as well) is over. These nine months must have seemed an eternity to
    you and Dan. Not to mention reliving the happy memories of your own three births. Now Emma Sophia is here – a miniature hope for peace and love between two nations combined in one tiny baby girl. You must be counting the days when you will enfold her in your waiting arms – to begin the cuddling and the story-telling all over again.


  5. Such a joyous time for all of you. You must be itching to get your hands on that little one, so precious to behold. Congratulations to all.


  6. New life — there is nothing more inspiring at this moment. Thank you and congratulations! Beautiful photos!


  7. Love her name! She is a little doll. Love the picture that was sent, they look so happy. Congradulations Grandma & Grandpa! Such a gift from God.


  8. our eldest (of seven) grands is now eleven, but the moment we heard, and then held him, is always with us. such precious gifts…many blessings to you and yours!


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