As If the Only One

Yesterday’s Easter morning sun halo — photo by Rachel Vogel


God loves each of us as if there were only one of us to love.
~Saint Augustine




When I am one of so many
there can be nothing special
to attract attention
or affection

When I blend into the background
among a multitude of others,
indistinct and plain,
common as grains of sand

There is nothing to hold me up
as rare, unique,
or exceptional,
worthy of extra effort.

Yet it is not about my worth,
my work, my words;
it is about His infinite capacity
to love anything formed

by the touch of His vast hand,
by the contraction of His immense heart,
by the boundlessness of His breath
reaching me
as if
as if
as if
I were the only one.



3 thoughts on “As If the Only One

  1. Vogel’s picture is astounding, mesmerizing. I’ve never seen anything like it – even in my imperfect limited imagination. When I first clicked on your post today I was instantly pulled into what I was seeing. It is as if I could actually feel His Presence.
    If this picture is available commercially I would very much like to obtain a copy.

    Your comments, Emily, flesh out and personalize so beautifully Augustine’s quote. Both are almost impossible for mere humans, even with imagination — and faith — to comprehend and to believe.

    Thank you for a blessed Easter Monday, dear Emily.

    I wonder at times if you fully realize what your ministry, with its personal wisdom and insights, means for all who have ‘discovered it’ over the years. . It has enriched and blessed my life immeasurably and I have forwarded certain posts to friends to gift their lives in your name.


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