Set Down Bewildered




Why are we reading, if not in hope of beauty laid bare, life heightened and its deepest mystery probed?

Can the writer isolate and vivify all in experience that most deeply engages our intellects and our hearts?

Why are we reading, if not in hope that the writer will magnify and dramatize our days, will illuminate and inspire us with wisdom, courage and the hope of meaningfulness, and press upon our minds the deepest mysteries, so we may feel again their majesty and power?

What do we ever know that is higher than that power which, from time to time, seizes our lives, and which reveals us startlingly to ourselves as creatures set down here bewildered?

Why does death so catch us by surprise, and why love?

We still and always want waking.
~Annie Dillard from “Write Till You Drop”




It’s true.

I am bewildered by life most of the time. Anyone looking at these online pages can see the struggle as I wake each day to seek out what I’m called to and how to make this sad and suffering world a better place.

I have so little wisdom to offer a reader other than my own wrestling match with the mysteries we all face.

When a light does shine out through darkness,  I am not surprised.  It was there all the time, but I needed the eyes to see such beauty laid bare.








4 thoughts on “Set Down Bewildered

  1. Yes, we DO need eyes to see beauty and so much more laid bare. Going a thought further, I think that it is possible at times to be deceived by what we see with our human-sighted bodily eyes. What we see can often be manipulated, distorted by un-Godly forces that we cannot see. Instead, we need to ‘see’ through the eyes of our Soul – that ever-present trusted source within that echoes back to us the Truth that we are then able to see and to evaluate through our bodily eyes. Unsighted (blind) people already know and trust in this gift.


  2. I appreciate the light you bring into my life as you struggle,
    because there seem to be more and more struggles coming my way with an aging parent.
    I pause to meditate each morning to stay close to God.
    I repeat to myself to trust in God…provision will come as needed.
    Nature…God’s creations speaks loudly to me and often comes to me with the still small voice of assurance…God will provide.
    Life is challenging for more and more of the people I know as they age and deal with illnesses.
    Come let us all unite…
    I heard a good sermon last week at our church conference about Ebenezer…
    Thus far God has helped us…
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos.


  3. We all have so much in common. The threads that weave us together, creating a beautiful quilt with all our differences. Yet God simply wants to create more love, drawing us closer to Him as we find our purpose. Preparing us for the next part of our story….the one that only He knows the ending. Thank you Emily for sharing, for allowing God to use you for His glory.


  4. I think I can speak for all your readers in this case: it’s good to have your company in the wrestling match. Makes it a tag team effort!


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