Advent Meditation–Bright and Morning Star

There are a few moments between the blackness of a long dark night–something we have plenty of this time of year–and the renewal of the sunrise splash of color that spreads across the sky like spilled paint jars of pink and orange.   Illuminated in those few moments is a transitional dawn-light or daybreak rather than the evening transition of twilight, and that is when the morning “stars” of Mercury and Venus become most visible.  They don’t “twinkle” or appear effervescent like the night stars.  They are solid radiant globes heralding the Sun to come.

The “star” that guides and leads, that points to home, that illuminates the birth of God come to earth as man, that presages the New Day to come.  We are witnesses if we arise early enough, peering through the clouds of everyday troubles, and prepare, ready for the dawning to come.


Revelation 22:16